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Lake Nipissing Summit 2014


What is the Lake Nipissing Summit?

The Lake Nipissing Summit is a conference-style event designed to create an awareness and consensus on the need for shared ownership towards the future of Lake Nipissing. Bringing together all members of the communities surrounding the lake, this event will provide knowledge and background information on the lake and its current status as well as provide a voice for all participants on the major issues of Lake Nipissing. The focus will be on 3 major pillars; social, environmental and economic factors, as we move forward in discussing the future of Lake Nipissing.


Information gathered has been put into a 5 page summary report for the leaders to take away and use in the development of a strategic plan for the future of Lake Nipissing.

2014 Report

Shared vision

"Lake Nipissing, our great lake, is a cherished source of nature’s abundance and beauty. Together, we promise to protect this gift and to ensure future generations inherit a healthy, sustainable environment."